Exhibition #08

Vernissage Collection “ArtFabricFreland”
Thu. 16.01.2020, 06:00 pm

Exhibition from Tue. 03.12.2019 to Sat. 14.03.2020

Artists from the collection
Lionel Guibout, Paris
MARCK, Zurich
Matthias Schauwecker, Berlin
Peter Dauphin called Muth, Nuremberg
Vladimir Veličković
Zhon Qin, Xiamen

Artists of the gallery
Geneviève Morin, Basel
Carlo Aloë, Basel
Tarek Abu Hageb, Basel
Hubert Kretzschmar, New York

We have the honour to present a selection of artworks from the “ArtFabricFreland” collection in Basel. The collection built by Georg Frey, aka Smoke, contains various masterpieces by artists who are also sponsored and exhibited by the LICHT FELD Galerie. Unfortunately, the collector and philanthropist died last year. With this exhibition we would like to say thank you and commemorate him again. We show works by MARCK, Zurich — Peter Dauphin genannt Muth, Nürnberg — Matthias Schauwecker, Berlin — Lionel Guibout, Paris — Zhong Qin, Xiamen (China).

Ausstellung #08 – LICHT FELD Gallery
Artwork: Matthias Schauwecker • FROGMEN • 208 × 150 cm • Watercolour • 2012