Modern and Contemporary Art. Paintings, Sculptures, Installations, Performance, Video Art.

LICHT FELD’s beginning dates back to 2001 when the first exhibition, of what became an annual event, took place on the Gundeldinger Feld in Basel, Switzerland. Word spread, and after 12 consecutive years, the event garnered international recognition. In 2007 LICHT FELD received the first invitation to participate in the SCOPE international art fair in Miami. This event was followed by many additional fairs in New York, Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, Istanbul and Basel.

On February 17 2012 we opened our new exhibition space at Davidsbodenstrasse 11 in Basel. This development and the increasing participation in international events has prompted us to reevaluate LICHT FELD’s rather crowded event schedule. We decided to continue with what has become a tradition in Basel, where it all began. Instead of exhibiting once a year in Basel we will make the Basel event a bi-annual happening.


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